If you know the maker, then you have a better idea of the quality of hand-made product you are buying. Years of trial and error, training, repetition, muscle-memory, peer-review, knowledge and hard work go into each and every blade.

Baz is a professional bladesmith and instructor at a prestigious bladesmithing school in Australia. In between teaching, he is required to create artful and practical blades for clients.

At home, Baz has a complete forging setup and continues to create his blades there.

When he sells his knives, they usually fund his other creative projects. See

Baz is a member of the American Bladesmith Society and as such, is an apprentice bladesmith, on the way to attaining the rank of Journeyman-smith, after a mandatory 3 year wait from the time of paid membership.

Below is a gallery of some of the many knives Baz has made at work and at home, not including the thousands of production knives he’s made.