The original Baz Crack Scratcher – Prospectors crevicing tool

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The original Builds By Baz crevicing tool, designed and perfected in the gold fields of Australia by the man himself Baz.

Hand forged, hardened and tempered in tough, high carbon steel, each tool is individual and unique.

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The original Builds By Baz crevicing tool, designed and perfected in the gold fields of Australia by the man himself, Baz. They are hand forged by Baz in small batches and are only available in limited quantities, (Maximum of 4) per customer.


Instructions for use and care

The Baz crack scratcher, (crevicing tool) is made of high carbon spring steel, hand-forged then re-hardened and tempered to bring back the qualities of strength in the steel.

The Baz crack scratcher is intended for crevicing in bedrock for the purposes of removing packed gravels, dirt and other materials from cracks and splits in the rock, enabling the prospector to access desired materials on the bottom of the crevice.

The Baz crack scratcher is NOT A PRY BAR. The hook and point have been designed to manipulate gravels and remove them by reversing the direction they were packed in. This is done  via scratching, scraping and light levering using the hook, plus some tapping with the handle end if needed.

This steel is very hard, very strong and spring tempered, but the tool has been designed for the purpose outlined above. If you use excessive force above and beyond intended use, there is a chance you could break it and Builds By Baz accepts no liability.

Builds By Baz has faith that the prospecting community is a practical and fairly honest one and that if you break your tool, you might want to ask yourself what you were doing wrong to break it.

Care of tool.

High carbon steel rusts. It’s a crevicing tool. Who cares? It sits in your bucket of mud and slop for indefinite periods of time and turns brown. Within minutes of use, much of this brown comes off through use anyway, but if you are concerned then you can oil it with whatever you like. Builds by Baz recommends an environmentally friendly, light mineral oil, or even vegetable oil.

Make sure you wash it with warm soapy water before use, as the oils could get into your gold pan and cause problems with gold loss during panning.


If you are handy with a *grinder, either bench or angle, you can re-sharpen the point as it wears down. DO NOT GET IT HOT! Have a bucket of cold water nearby and keep the tool cold while grinding. Grind, quench, grind quench, rinse and repeat as often as needed to get the job done. If it turns dark blue, you have got it too hot and the point may not be as hard as it was.

*Builds by Baz accepts no responsibility for injuries/damages caused during sharpening with hand or power tools.

Demonstration Video 

Video Reviews

Several other gold channels on YouTube have reviewed the Baz Crack Scratchers. Check ’em out!

Chris from Vogus Prospecting gets his first Baz Crack Scratchers at 14:12

Dunky and the Raven clean out some deep cracks with their new Baz Crack Scratchers!



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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 2.5 cm

10 reviews for The original Baz Crack Scratcher – Prospectors crevicing tool

  1. Raven

    Are bastard rocks keeping you from your gold? Has nature conspired to stop you from reaching the gold nuggets and pickers you so sorely deserve? Baz has the answer!

    We ordered two of these bad-boys and were blown away with the solid construction and the sleek, simple design. When we put them to they test they passed with flying colours, these crevicers are the real deal. We found that the width and taper of the point was perfect and the termination of the hook was just right for good leverage on all those hard packed pieces of rock. In fact we were so happy with the product we filmed ourselves using these hooked heroes. If you wanna have a watch then head on over to

    We can’t recommend these crevice scratchers enough, thanks Baz we look forward to getting some knives off you next!

    • Baz Armstead

      Thanks guys! Fills Baz with warm fuzzies to hear you’re having a blast scratching those cracks!

  2. Anthony Stahlhut

    These crevicing tools are the best thing I have ever used. Build quality is top notch. I don’t go anywhere without it. It actually stays in the ute at all times. Highly recommend to any one, whether a beginner or a well seasoned water worn miner

    • Baz Armstead

      Good to hear Anthony! Mine also lives in my car as a permanent resident. I’d be lost without it.

  3. Steve

    I got my crevicing tool from Baz late last year and got my first chance to put it to use a few days ago. What an absolute ripper of a tool!!! Gets in those tight deep crevices easy!! Built tough, moves tight packed gravels with ease.
    My only problem was that once I gave my son a go with the ‘Baz tool’ as he called it, he didn’t let it go all day! And I’ll give you one guess which one of us ended the day with more gold….. he did!!
    An awesome tool, this one does the job of 5 other tools I’ve got. A must have if you scratch out crevices!

    • Baz Armstead

      Great to hear mate! I’m taking mine out again tomorrow! One of the few things I’ve created that I’m really proud of, especially earning that the hard way by developing the tool in the field!

  4. Bryan (verified owner)

    First outing with the new crack scratcher and was realy impressed with its strength and ability to move wedged in gravel and rocks from deep in the crevice ..quality product .strong and lightweight .. best all round tool for crevicing ,awesome !

  5. Jacob

    Quality strong tool. Works as described. Gets right into the cracks and crevices without sacrificing the strength of the tool. Highly recommended for professional and beginner gold seekers. If you are searching for gold this tool is a must have item.

  6. Jeff King

    Few weeks ago I was gifted one of these by a fellow prospector here in New Zealand
    Malcolm Blown&I use it regularly.
    Id Highly recommend adding a Scratcher to your kit.
    For starters its Unique,feels really good & works a treat.& No more sharpening up my old 1 before Every trip
    Thanks Baz

  7. Flowerpot (verified owner)

    Just bought 2 crack scratchers off Baz, they arrived incredibly quickly and we went out today 20 mins from home for a half hour scratch in a creek bed using the tools. Maybe only 2 kilos of gravel if that, panned out 7 weeny specks of gold for a weight of .06gram
    Really easy to scratch the crevices with this tool, gets right in there and brings up the gold.
    Quality made product for sure. Recommend adding this to your gold hunting kit.

  8. Nick (verified owner)

    Havent broke mine yet and I like to abuse stuff. A pair of channel locks can double as a hammer, a screw driver, a wire crimper.
    I’ve yet to do anything to mine but it’s a little scratcher, digging bar, rock mover, rock splitter as I hit it with the hammer but when it does break I know it wont be because of lack of quality, it will be because I put it to the test.

    I will also be more than happy to buy another one and one after that cuz damn they are worth it! And always support your craftsmen! Like do not forget to tip your waitress and tattoo artists

  9. Vo-gus Prospecting

    Above or below water, these are the custom, hand forged tools you want to get at the gold!

    Chasing gold is far more than the dollar value, it’s about the experience. And the experience starts with the tools you choose.

    You will not wear these out, you will have full control whilst crevicing and most importantly you will be holding a custom made one of a kind gold prospecting tool!

  10. Mick O’Keefe (verified owner)

    Just recieved my crack scratcher today. Ha e used one before belonging to a mate, made the job of cleaning crevices so bloody easy i wondered why i had never bought one before.
    Bloody rlgreat bit of kit!! Well done Baz

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